Scotland’s Campaign against Irresponsible Drivers - Supporting Victims of Road Crashes

SCID was formed in 1985 by Wendy Moss as a result of a fatal road crash in which she lost her only son.  A few months after SCID was formed Isobel Brydie’s two sons were involved in a crash: one son was killed and the other seriously injured. Isobel joined forces with Wendy and for many years they campaigned tirelessly for families and for the much needed changes to the Road Traffic Act.

Isobel Brydie is now President of SCID and the good work continues to ensure the rights of victims of road crashes and their families.

SCID is an associate member of The European Federation of Road Traffic Victims

Support can be provided by:

By emailing scid@blueyonder.co.uk



SCID is a self-funding group.